About Me

I’m that person you have been looking for, the one who will inspire you, provoke your curiosity, add depth to your thoughts on fashion and the one who is here to help you out with those day-to-day fashion problems! I hear your next question, why should you listen to me? As a fashion student and […]


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Under the Tuscan Sun

Winery hopping under the beautiful Tuscan Sun called for some smart outfit choices. With plenty of wine tastings and delicious Italian food in my belly, I was sure to dress for both comfort and style. I chose to wear this loose, high necked, cotton shift dress from Myer Miss Shop. Amongst the rolling hills of […]

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By the Sea- Italy

Catching my daily dose of vitamin D along the coast of Italy, I couldn’t think of a better place for this outfit! Abrand shorts accompanied by my Nast Gal one piece swimsuit seemed perfectly fitting for a day of soaking my skin in salty water. A floppy hat never goes unnoticed by both passerby’s and […]

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A Summer’s Night Out -Italy

Taormina, Sicily Overlooking the beautiful ocean and featuring views of Mount Etna, this town is truly wonderful! A night out consists of watching the sun crawl down the horizon, followed by weaving through the streets and a big bowl of pasta. My outfit of choice is new season Zara white jeans, Zara sandals, an old […]

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Fashion on a budget

Some of my most worn clothes of all time have been hand-me-downs, thrifted or from cheaper stores such as cotton on or target. I truly believe that to be fashionable does not require you to spend hundreds at a time.   Buying clothes from a thrift store/ op-shop is an amazing place to start. It […]

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How stylish can be comfortable too

Lucky for us loose pants, oversized clothes and slip dresses are back in style. Compromising comfort for style certainly doesn’t have to be the case anymore. My best advice for being both stylish and comfortable is to buy items which are comfortable at the time of trying on, do not rely on them ‘wearing in’. […]

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